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This DANCE DATE brings together two productions that use biographical experiences as the starting point for their self-empowering choreographic exploration of the social trigger points of rage, equality and gender identity.

Based on their extensive thematic research, go plastic company sets an artistic framework on the theme of RAGE, which is filled with biographical anecdotes, associative circumlocutions and personal reflections.
In the 'pussy lounge' of DAGADA dance company, 5 artist:s from dance, live music and poetry slam, who call themselves "bad feminists", invite to a performative discourse to share with their guests biographical impossibilities, binary bullshit, current statements and more.

DANCE DATES was launched as a "dating platform" for contemporary dance pieces in November 2020. The format presents Freiburg and national productions in a double bill, accompanied by a supporting program. The pieces can also be visited individually.

This enables an exchange between the artists, addresses an interested audience as well as cultural organizers and the specialized press - beyond the national borders.
On Friday, June 16, following 'mind the rage', Tanznetz Freiburg cordially invites the audience as well as the artists to a discussion about the two works: The choreographers will give insight into their experiences of the artistic process.

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10/06/2023 / 05:00 PM / Winery Dilger

at the Andreas Dilger Winery

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All information is provided without guarantee.