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British guitarist and singer Danny Bryant returns with a new album and announces his return to German stages. Danny Bryant will present songs from his new studio album "Rise" (release: 24.09.23, Jazzhaus Records) on an extensive tour in late autumn 2023 and will perform with a quintet as well as with a big band line-up.

For the most famous UK music magazine 'Classic Rock Magazine' Danny Bryant is a "National Blues Treasure", a title the exceptional guitarist has earned through hard work and tireless touring. Only 42 years old, Bryant has made a name for himself on the European blues scene for nearly two decades, playing over 2500 club and festival gigs for his many fans, and is considered one of the best of the best in the industry.

The new studio album "Rise" was recorded earlier this year at Chapel Studios, UK and produced by Grammy winner Ian Dowling (Adele among others). Stylistically Danny Bryant remains true to himself and offers an exciting mixture of blues, rock and singer-songwriter, but has relied on a more modern sound in the production, which makes the Brit sound fresher than ever. "My label and I agreed that everyone wanted a slightly more heavily produced, multi-layered sounding record without neglecting my sound," explains Danny Bryant.

An advance single for the new album, including an accompanying music video, will be released in late May.

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