The Chinese Century - Forecasts and Political Reality (Lecture)

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Global political predictions do not always come true. Especially not if they go into too much detail. It was recently predicted that the People's Republic of China will replace the USA as the world's largest economic power before the end of this century and dominate international politics. With the century-long goal of becoming a real world power by 2049 and revolutionizing global trade through the 'new Silk Road', Beijing is seeking to build on the past. Now there are strong doubts. The Chinese economy could collapse. Politically, the country is isolating itself and its appeal to other countries is diminishing. In fact, China already dominates large parts of world politics, and Chinese head of state and party leader Xi is pursuing an aggressive foreign policy. What can we expect from a world power that for centuries saw itself as a civilizationally dominant center 'under the heavens' to which all surrounding states would have to pay tribute? This lecture provides answers and forecasts what the Chinese century could look like. - Registration required.

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