The golden unicorn

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"The Golden Unicorn" is a puppet theater production in 2 acts with a performance time of approx. 45 minutes.

In a foreign land, an enchanting princess lives in a peaceful world and in harmony with all the animals. Even the rare and shy unicorn is friends with the princess. It appears full of confidence when it hears her singing.

Unfortunately, the cunning Troll of the Rocky Mountains has overheard what is happening and returns to his barren world with the unicorn's lure. Will he succeed in summoning and capturing the unicorn with the help of his servant, the dwarf Hugi?

However, the adventurous Kasper and his dog Bello will certainly succeed in secretly following the troll together with the children. And if the unicorn gets into trouble, everyone is sure to help him...

The puppeteer David Minuth takes the audience on an imaginative journey through fairy-tale worlds, with enchanting puppets and artistic sets that will not only make children dream.

Dr. Johannes, Karin and David Minuth are known far beyond the borders of Freiburg for their fairytale puppet shows. They write their own texts and also design and create the enchanting puppets.

Hand puppet show for children aged 4 and over

Director: Dr. Johannes Minuth

Playing time: approx. 45 minutes

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