The great writing couch finale - reading performance of the youngest Literaturhaus authors

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An expedition into the unknown, in search of one's own literary voice - the youth writing workshop ,,Schreibcouch", set out in October 2022, arrives today on the Literaturhaus stage with utterly astonishing texts: Courage and anger poetry, animal fables, science nonsense from the pens of nine young authors*innen between 13 and 18 years. They were written in the shade of the ancient giant trees in the courtyard, in the warm winter air of the kitchenette, or in the bright white cube of the Literaturhaus hall. This year, poet Claudia Gabler and author of books for young people Christian Duda accompanied the trains of thought, test drillings and flights of fancy. Clear the stage for the latest Riso publication and its many-voiced authors!
Drawing: © Andreas Töpfer

The ,,Schreibcouch" is our monthly workshop for own texts and new ideas. Applications for the next annual project (start October 2023) with name and age and a short text sample to:

Sponsored by Förderkreis Literaturhaus Freiburg

Date: 30.6.2023, 6 pm
Location: Literaturhaus Freiburg, Bertoldstraße 17
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