The cross at the "lemon press" - Betzenhausen (guided tour)

Price: 12.00€

Until 1908, the district of Betzenhausen was an independent municipality. The incorporation into Freiburg, to which it had belonged centuries ago, pursued certain goals on both sides. The tour shows how much the village, which looks back on a long history, has changed due to war and urban planning. However, an old core around the picturesque St. Thomas Church has been preserved to this day. At the beginning of the sixties, the city planners had wanted to reach high; the "Herdern of the West" was to be created in the Bischofslinde district. In the meantime, the Bischofslinde neighborhood can celebrate its 60th birthday. A mysterious murder and an unusual church roof arouse curiosity about a modern district with an exciting history. - Registration required.

Course number: 232109518

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