The murder mystery dinner - thrilling for nerves and palate

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The murder mystery dinner 'Blutbad im Gemeinderat' - a delicious course menu in a stylish ambience framed by an exciting murder mystery at Schloss Reinach in Freiburg im Breisgau.
'Blutbad im Gemeinderat'

Imagine a small idyllic village in the Bavarian mountains. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks and lush green meadows. The perfect place for relaxation, peace and quiet. Hinterdaxlfing is just such a sleepy little village where you can relax and unwind. That is, until the day when the much-loved head of the village, the mayor of Hinterdaxlfing, is found murdered.
A murder in Hinterdaxlfing? And then the head of the village? Police chief Anton Gumpendobler is faced with a mystery. With his suitcase typewriter and his lunch box, he sets off in search of the murderer. Does he come from the ranks of the close-knit village community? Was it a newcomer, a stranger, even a non-Bavarian? What does Eulalia Turmschreiber have to do with the story and how far is she involved in the machinations of the local council?

Embark on a murderous journey to Hinterdaxlfing and support Gumpendobler Toni in his search for the culprit. Get to know various members of the local council and immerse yourself in the investigation with Toni to solve the tricky case.

The course menu is created and served by Schloss Reinach. The murder mystery dinner starts at 7 pm, guaranteeing a thrill for your nerves and palate. Admission is at 18:30.

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