The Rag Pack - ZMF Freiburg

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In times when nothing seems certain anymore. Between fake news and deep fakes. Where you no longer know what to believe - just believe in us." THE ROCKET PACK, 2023.

If there is a grain of rice of truth in every conspiracy theory, there are more than enough bags to fall over in China. The rag pack must know, because they handpicked and filled them all. They have rummaged through the windiest theses, surfed the crudest forums. They were on everyone's trail. Moon landing, 9/11, bar code. They have walked through Loch Ness and swum through Area 51 - with the sole aim of saving German rock. After all, isn't rock where all those gray areas of truth originate? Devil horns, 666, upside-down crosses. Where can occult messages be heard on records played backwards? Certainly not in Schlager!

DAS LUMPENPACK, together with the new rest of the band, transforms its fans into devotees of their own cult for their sixth studio album. The W.A.C.H.!
A haven for the insomniac and the awakened. For those lost in the night and those who want to get lost.

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