The winter fairy tale

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In this fairy tale full of contradictions and twists, the world is out of joint: the King of Sicily suddenly accuses his wife of cheating on him with his childhood friend and guest, the King of Bohemia. Polixenes only escapes the planned murder because he manages to flee to his Bohemian homeland. This is proof enough for Leonte's raging jealousy: he has Polixenes thrown into prison for what he sees as infidelity and abandons her child born there. Only when his son Mamillius dies and his wife collapses, does his madness dissipate and he begins to repent. But can time heal all wounds, reconcile those at odds, clear up misunderstandings and bring those believed dead back to life? In his first work in Germany, Israeli director Yair Sherman tells the story of this rich and complex late work by Shakespeare as an existential journey through time: The aged King Leontes turns back time, relives his cruel deeds, faces up to his guilt and experiences forgiveness. Or is this all just the wishful thinking of an old man on his deathbed?

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