"DAYDREAMS": music of longing from Iran - free improvisations and compositions by

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It is a great pleasure to present two of the most progressive Iranian musicians of today with this CD release concert.

The Persian duo formation Joolaee-Samani is composed of Misagh Joolaee (Kamancheh) and Behnam Samani (percussion), two established Iranian musicians who have already made a name for themselves as innovators of playing techniques on their instruments.

After many years of collaboration in various formations, the two musicians have now decided to embark on a more intensive musical path.

The program consists exclusively of original compositions, which have their origins in the ancient musical tradition of Persia.

The duo strives to express their many years of intensive artistic and innovative involvement with their respective instruments in the form of an exciting and mutually enriching musical dialogue through diverse forms of expression and jointly elaborated timbres. Music that originates from Persia, but furthermore incorporates playing influences from European classical music, flamenco and jazz, thus discovering and creating new sound spaces.

In May 2023 the duo released their first studio album "Daydreams". This album will be performed during the concert in Freiburg.

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