De Neue, min Ex-Ma un ich

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De Neue, min Ex-Ma un ich - Dernière

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Viktoria and Andreas are about to get divorced. As their lawyer, Viktoria's sister Sarah is supposed to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Although Andreas doesn't really understand why Viktoria has separated from him and is doing everything to prevent the divorce, she has already moved out of their shared apartment and is living with her new boyfriend Nic in a modern apartment. To top it all off, Nic seems like the perfect man: caring, understanding, well-read and handsome. Almost too good to be true. And Nic would do anything for Viktoria. Sarah is also thrilled and delighted by her sister's new boyfriend. When Andreas and Nic meet, a crazy competition for Viktoria begins.

Unexpected twists, absurd situations, a very surprising ending - an amusing comedy about love and the perfect partner!

Director: Martin Mayer
The actors are: Julia Jettkandt, Sandra Jettkandt, Stephan Ulrich and Felix Zapf

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