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American singer/songwriter Brookln Dekker, better known by his last name
Dekker, has been making waves over the past two years. The release of his one-
song premium album ,,Slow Reveal: Chapter One" began in August 2019 and was slowly
revealed until it was fully released in November 2020.
Five months later, Dekker released ,,Small Wins," the first single from his next
album. He worked productively on his second LP ,,I Won't Be Your Foe," which was released in May 2022
. Touring with ,,I Won't Be Your Foe" featured Dekker as a trio (Stefan Wittich on
drums and Andi Fins on keyboards/bass), they played sold out clubs throughout
Germany as well as Switzerland, France and the Netherlands.
Working with the same Berlin-based drummer Stefan Wittich, as well as mixing/mastering
engineer Zach Hanson (Bon Iver, The Staves, Whitney), Dekker has nearly completed his third album, which is scheduled for release in
Fall 2023. Now it's time for tour preparations, this time
solo: ,,I absolutely love playing with the guys as a 3-piece band. All the dancing and
energy is incredible. I'll get back to it from time to time, but right now I really crave
the intimacy of a solo performance. I'm looking forward to the February tour,
where I get to try out new songs live and perform altered arrangements of some of my familiar
tunes. It's going to be a blast!" says Brookln.
Dekker grew up in the American Midwest and after 5 years of marriage to his British wife
(the other half of the couple's indie folk band, Rue Royale), the couple moved to
the UK where they toured extensively throughout the European continent from 2008 to 2014.
In 2017, after a family-related hiatus, Brookln found music again when he recorded the album ,,We Share Phenomena" with
his old friend Lambert. This whetted his
appetite to write and perform again, leading to ,,In Parallel" (2018) for Rue Royale,
before leaving in 2019 to begin his journey into the land of Dekker ...

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