Depois do silêncio

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In DEPOIS DO SILÊNCIO, Brazilian theater and film director Christiane Jatahy deals with the enormous impact of slavery in her native Brazil - the geopolitical realities and the consequences for the personal lives of many millions of people who were uprooted by colonial violence, without land, without identity. The starting point is the novel Torto Arado by author Itamar Vieira Junior, which is set in the hinterland of the state of Bahia and tells the story of three young women and their struggle for the right to land, freedom and their own identity. DEPOIS DO SILÊNCIO combines the novel with the documentary CABRA MARCADO PARA MORRER by Eduardo Coutinho about the uncovering of the murder of João Pedro Teixeira, leader of a farm workers' union, and integrates his own research and interviews. The result is a work that blurs the boundaries between documentary, fiction, play and film. An intimate and disturbing report on an unresolved past that has structural repercussions in Bolsonaro's Brazil and far beyond. It is an attempt to connect yesterday with today in the hope of paving the way for change. Following her acclaimed Three Sisters adaptation WHAT IF THEY WENT TO MOSCOW (2018), Christiane Jatahy is once again a guest in Freiburg.

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