"The Imaginary Sick" by Molière

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by Molière in an adaptation by Andreas von Studnitz
"A hypochondriac is a person who does not feel well when he feels well..."

...and good money can be earned with an illness. No one knows this better than Argan, who employs a whole staff of doctors and who is slowly but surely running up medical bills over his head. In fact, his mistrust is to be confirmed: The quack doctors and pharmacists are earning well from his incessant complaints and are only too happy to confirm to him that things are even worse for him than he dared to fear even in his worst dreams.
At the same time, his faithful wife is determined to become his sole heir as soon as possible. So, in order to secure basic medical care at low cost, the little daughter is to bring a doctor into the family by marriage and not get the man of her heart. But Argan has not reckoned with his lively and extremely shrewd servant Toinette, who after all knows him better than anyone else...

In this highly comical satire on the medical profession, maturity and dependence, faith in progress and backwardness wage a tireless battle. Sad irony of fate: the poet himself played the title role at the premiere in Paris in 1673. During the fourth performance, however, he suffered a hemorrhage, collapsed on the open stage and died only a few hours later.

Directed & written by Andreas von Studnitz

Sybille Denker / David Köhne / Iris Melamed / Hans Poeschl / Katharina Rauenbusch / Michael Schmitter / Christian Theil

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