The improvised crime - fully improvised crime case - played according to your ideas!

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The improvised criminal case

Theater L.U.S.T. improvises a complex criminal case, which is created according to the audience's instructions. Suspense and wit combine to create a live performance of the popular genre.
As always, the audience is strongly involved as a source of ideas and chooses the detective, the victim, the murder weapon, the crime scene and much more. Here is Mitfiebern announced and highest combination ability not only of the commissioner but also of the public in demand! Because in the break it will determine in secret choice the murderer. However, the spectators and the commissioner do not find out about it and he must nevertheless convict the culprit. Incredibly funny - but also exciting to the end.

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Corpus Delicti // 15+

30/11/2023 / 07:00 PM / Theatre in the Marienbad

Director: M. Kaschig // Players: D. Mohr, R. Huschenbett, J. Schulze

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