The Little Prince - The Musical - by Deborah Sasson and Jochen Sautter

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The "children's book for adults", as the author wanted it to be understood, was first published over 75 years ago
and has been translated into more than 110 languages.
In 2015, Saint-Exupe?ry's masterpiece was turned into a breathtaking and colorful
musical with grandiose music and many special effects, which is aimed specifically at the child in
adults and can therefore also be understood by children. A show for the
whole family! The enthusiasm of audiences of all generations is overwhelming. Full of
emotions and visual surprises, the
message of the little prince is conveyed to the audience in an entertaining way. Great voices and wonderful melodies
alternate with fast-paced dance scenes and spectacular multimedia animations. The
12 actors, singers and dancers bring the
well-known characters such as the rose, the fox and the snake to life alongside the prince and the pilot. In 2021, the
music composed by Deborah Sasson was completely re-orchestrated by the successful British musician Ryan Martin, who
has composed and arranged music for Cirque de Soleil, America's Got Talent, Netflix, BBC, ABC, CBS and Fox USA
, among others.

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