The treasure in the Titisee

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The Shoo-Shoos have hit the jackpot: Permanent position as house band in the brand new luxury hotel ,,Savoy"! But there is a little problem - the hotel is not in New York, not even in America... An aristocratic, well-traveled businessman wants to establish American culture, high society and jet set in his provincial hometown. The engagement of the ingenious, original-American swing band "The Shoo-Shoos" is to ensure this. But when patron Georg Eisele (the 3rd) invites the crème de la crème of European aristocracy and celebrities to the grand opening gala, a scandal ensues after the acclaimed performance of "The Shoo-Shoos".

The fifth show of the Shoo-Shoos has it all again this time - with a lot of wit, charm and finesse an absurd story has been spun here again. And as usual, the music forms the framework that holds everything together. There are again interpretations from various genres and this time also original compositions - perfectly arranged for the three harmonizing female voices and the band.

The premiere is April 10, 2023 at the Wallgraben Theater in Freiburg, further dates are April 11 and 12, 2023.

The Shoo-Shoos: Anna Boëthius, Juliane Hollerbach and Dina Salak: vocals
Philipp Kailer: Guitar
Michael Tiefenbeck: Bass
Beni Reimann: Drums

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All information is provided without guarantee.