The Black Forest - nature in change (lecture)

Price: 9.00€

The Black Forest is home to the black kite, wild boar, black stork, black thorn and stonechat. However, many see black for its future. Climate change and direct human intervention in nature are leading to major changes. These developments affect a wide variety of animal and plant species and cause entire ecosystems to undergo major changes within relatively short periods of time. But not everything that is happening right before our eyes is bad. We see catastrophic effects like the death of spruce stands in drought summers or the decline and disappearance of animal and plant species. But there is also the immigration of new species in the Black Forest and the creation of new small wetlands with high quality species inventory. The effects of the presence of wolf and beaver are partly problematic for humans, but definitely positive for nature. And these two new citizens are just the tip of the iceberg. In this lecture with fascinating pictures from the Black Forest, known and unknown examples of change are presented and explained. The arc spans from the butterfly to the silver fir. Nature always finds a way. Also in the Black Forest. - Registration required.

Course number: 232104411

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