The Steppenwolf

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With his novel THE STEPPENWOLF, published in 1927, the Nobel Prize winner for literature Hermann Hesse not only achieved worldwide fame, but he also created his own alter ego with the main character Harry Haller. Harry Haller suffers from the turmoil of his personality - not just two, but hundreds, even thousands of souls dwell in his chest. They are at war with each other and with the world around him, blocking Haller's personal and artistic development. He constantly feels out of place, longing on the one hand for an educated bourgeois-adjusted existence, while his steppe-woolish, lonely, socially and culturally critical side constantly rebels against the prevailing conditions. But then he meets Hermine and discovers the Magic Theater. Does this offer a way out? A chance for healing and reconciliation? Just like Harry Haller, the young Polish director Wiktor Bagiński (Ahmad Ali) feels himself to be a kind of Steppenwölfish double being: Growing up as a person of color in an almost exclusively white society, he experiences himself as an outsider, and as an artist at the same time as a co-creator of a culture that never quite seems to be his own. Notes for teachers: We recommend the production for school groups in grades 11 and up. For our collection of materials to prepare for or follow up on the performance, click[here.]

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27/09/2023 / 04:30 PM / Theater tent in the lake park (market place)

Turbulent events are sure to ensue when the little raven Sock appears on stage with the red and white striped sock on his left foot.

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