The dream in a fairy tale

While we sleep, we dream, whether we can remember it or not. But if we do remember them, then dreams can show us ways into the future. Or are dreams just dreams? Probably not. At least folk tales tell of the possible significance of certain dreams and their helpful and groundbreaking messages. But: it is important to be awake to the message of dreams and to actively implement it in conscious waking life. In the seminar, we will reflect together on what fairy tales tell us on this topic, consulting various folk tales and questioning them about the meaning of dreams in the stories, but also about their meaning for us. The themes of sleep and wakefulness in fairy tales will also be touched on in passing. The fairy tales are supplemented by discussion rounds, lectures and associative-creative units.

Course leader: Lutkat, Sabine. The course leader studied educational science, German studies and psychology and works freelance in adult education with a focus on fairy tales.

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