The Ice Queen 1 & 2 - The music show on ice

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The spectacular music show on ice*!

With the musical highlights of the worldwide success!

The Ice Queen


*The show is performed on synthetic ice

Pure joy for young and old fans of the hit movie and musical! At last, the celebrated songs from the world's most successful animated films Frozen 1 and Frozen 2 are coming to European stages in spectacular form - on ice!

Together with the sisters Elsa and Anna and their companions, the audience will experience an adventurous musical journey with the stars of the new music show on ice! Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff perform an entertaining ice spectacle with ice dancers, acrobats, innovative stage technology and an impressive LED stage set for the whole family to the music that has won many awards (including the coveted Oscar for Best Film Song).

With an impressively staged new ice show, a symbiosis of ice dance and breathtaking circus acrobatics, the new music show on ice takes the audience on an enchanting journey into a magical fairytale world.

The popular winter fairy tale shows in a wonderful way what an important role love, friendship and bravery play in life.

The fairy tale has been sensitively shaped into an "On Ice" adaptation full of secrets and fantasies. Great songs, an inspiring ensemble of musical soloists, ice dancers and acrobats as well as an impressive LED stage design!


Pure goosebumps when Elsa performs a firework display of ice dancing and acrobatics on runners to the absolute hit of the evening "Lass jetzt los!", enchanting the stage and the huge LED screen with her magical powers into a sea of ice and deep blue crystals! It's funny when snowman Olaf dreams of sun and beach in "In Summer" or when Kristoff sings "Reindeer are better than humans" with his beloved reindeer Sven! In this show on ice, many other popular hits follow, including "Will you build a snowman", "Where no one has gone before", "Show yourself" and "Love opens doors".

Let the dreamy scenes transport you to the deep, deep snow-covered winter forest of the far north!

With grace, beauty and elegance, with incredible lightness and astonishing technical precision, the audience is drawn into the spell of a boundless fantasy. Over 300 magnificent costumes, new innovative and imaginative staging, spectacular choreography, rousing music and breathtaking acrobatics create a unique, magical spectacle - LIVE ON ICE!

Only the best singers*, ice dancers and acrobats make it into this international "Best Of" ensemble. Marvel at the highest technical precision of the star artists and prize winners of numerous international circus festivals.

powered by

The ice revolution - LIKE-ICE!

The artificial ice made of high-quality, physically and chemically manipulated polyethylene is genuinely ecological, without lubricants, without toxins and 100% recyclable! The quick and easy installation allows us to transform any theater into a glittering ice palace in no time at all.

Note from the organizer: The music show on ice takes place on an artificial ice surface called LIKE-ICE! This technology, which was developed by a German company, is the most ecologically sound solution with the least impact on the environment.

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