The Freiburg Red Light City Tour

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Heavy boys, light girls - the Red Light City Tour

The oldest trade in the world is surrounded by an air of wickedness, forbiddenness and temptation. One of our Red Light Tour guides* will now take you on a journey through time to the red light district of Freiburg in the 70s, 80s and 90s and tell you all about the hard boys and easy girls.

Don't miss the exciting stories from a time when some streets in Freiburg were quietly bathed in a dim red light! The "Schnecken" suburb, not far from the Schwabentor (Swabian Gate), has been home to the "trade" since the Middle Ages. This is where the policemen had a morning coffee with the whores in the legendary Cafe Ruef. Citizens lived here alongside pimps, prostitutes and thugs and bought their Lange Rote in the "Würschtle-Puff".

In the Arena Bar, Freiburg's celebrities stood at the bar at night with scantily clad ladies and at the other end of the city center, Gina Wildkatze, the boss of the Playboy Bar, got out of her limousine in a long white fur coat. She once had real white mink bikinis sewn for her 15 bar girls.

- The tour lasts around 2 hours.

- The tour is always led by a tour guide. A meeting with Black Forest Drag Queen Betty BBQ during this tour is not part of this tour.

The Red Light City Tour is a HISTORICAL CITY TOUR and not recommended for stag and hen parties.

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