The Freiburg Wolf Cave (guided tour)

Price: 12.00€

In cooperation with VISTAtour and the ARGE Freiburger Stadtbild - After a trade name from the time before the city was founded, the area between Herrenstraße and the city wall used to be called "Wolfshöhle". The neighborhood is an example of how some urban structures changed radically even in earlier centuries, with entire groups of houses and monastery complexes disappearing. Only in Konviktstrasse had the Middle Ages survived for a long time: just a few decades ago, Freiburg's showcase street No. 1 was a disreputable corner that didn't quite want to fit into the image of a modern city. Finally, during a "redevelopment," a large part of the quaint ensemble of houses was torn down and the community of the Konviktsträßler was dissolved. There are all kinds of strange stories about the quarter. - Registration required.

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