The cosmic laws of the Mayan calendar in 2023

Many have heard of the Mayan calendar and today we know that the Mayans had knowledge of the cosmic laws of time. The complexity as well as the mythological-astrological and astronomical-calendar records of the Maya are impressive due to the exactness of their lunar and solar eclipse tables. As the brightest star in the morning and evening skies, Venus held a special place in Mayan astronomy.Therefore, the New Year begins for the Mayans on July 26 of each year. The calendar is divided into 13 months, and if we look at it consciously, it reveals to us the many potentials of a new year. It is like a map that helps us to better understand ourselves as a collective and to discover new possibilities for action.What the New Maya Year brings us in the sense of the Maya calendar from 26.7.2023 on all levels, with what gifts it fills us and what challenges it brings us collectively, you will learn in this lecture.

Course leader: Ludwig, Hanna Maria. The course leader is a psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice.More at

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