The last days of Georgette - Mooswaldsiedlung (guided tour)

Price: 12.00€

The initial ridicule of the "Mooswald Indians" in the West quickly faded from the critics: With a lot of initiative and heart and soul, the residents have done their own work on their houses. In this way, the former "Wild West" was transformed into a preferred residential area. After the Second World War, it was even Freiburg's showcase neighborhood when high-ranking visitors came. Although the war had ravaged the area, reconstruction proceeded quickly. The tranquil quarter with gardens holds hidden gems and houses in their original condition. Although "Georgette" and "Emilie" are no longer to be found, they have left their mark on the area for decades with their peculiar architecture. If you look closely, you will still discover traces of them. - Registration required.

Course number: 232109514

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