The night Lu fell from the sky

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Marta is lying in her bed and can't sleep because she had a fight with her mother. She imagines how nice it would be if she could be friends with the moon and talk to it. And then it happens: the moon suddenly appears in Marta's room! It is a girl - a moon girl - and introduces itself as Lu. Lu is full of zest for action and persuades his new human friend to explore the dark forest at night. There, the two meet all kinds of mysterious figures: Wolfgang, for example, the sensitive wolf, and his buddy Ramsey - a fox who has a mania for cleaning and owns a vacuum cleaner. But they also meet the wise owl Ulula, who knows an ancient prophecy: if the moon girl is not back in the sky by dawn, her mother earth will perish from grief. So there are only a few hours left until the end of the world! And there's someone who thinks that's really good: Wendel, the evil ghost. Because Wendel suffers from a terrible "allergy to life" and hates everything that is lively and lively ... DIE NACHT, ALS LU VOM HIMMEL FIEL is the new production by the team that staged the puppet play FRIDA UND DAS WUT in 2015.

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