Die Pyromantiker Berlin - And the rooster is always right

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For children aged 5 and over

It all started with breakfast rituals...
The radio is blaring, someone disappears behind the newspaper. Whose turn is it to set the table? What's for breakfast? Who cooks the eggs? There is no talking. Husband and wife have known each other for a long time. You can see that. They stick to their rituals. A little loveless, a little too routine, well-worn. Nevertheless, this depiction of everyday life is hilarious. Not only because we recognize ourselves in it, but above all because of the aesthetics: all the costumes and props are crocheted: From the robe to the vase of flowers to the toast. Even the coffee that flows from the pot is handmade. But then the built-in cupboard opens and transforms into a puppet stage.
Here, too, it's about fixed role behavior. This time between a rooster and his hens. He is the hero of the henhouse, the ladies lie at his feet, because without his unimaginable talent, eternal darkness would reign. As he sings his hymn to the sun every morning, the sun actually rises. The end of the world is averted. Full of gratitude, the chicken ladies spoil him with an opulent breakfast, where they both outdo each other with delicacies, which he eats quite carelessly. But then he gets a cold and can't sing. The truth comes to light.

The production illuminates an absurd world of wool and crochet.
In this turbulent story, the "usual" household and living relationship between man and woman is questioned in a charming and comedic way with a wink and subtle humor. ... The old French animal fable by Edmond Rostand ("Le Chantecler") about blind obedience, obedience to authority and the courage to change is told in a refreshingly new way.

Play / hand puppetry: Marlis Hirche, Oliver Dassing
Director: Gabriele Hänel

More information: http://www.feuerwerktheater.de/

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