Beauty and the Beast

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A merchant has two daughters: one is wild and freedom-loving, the other - Belle - is shy and afraid of almost everything in the world. One day, after a riding accident, the merchant finds refuge in a foreign castle. He is welcomed, but warned not to touch anything under any circumstances. But he does not comply and picks a rose for Belle. The master of the house appears, furious, in the form of a terrifying creature, and imposes a condition: "You may leave, but you must send me one of your daughters in return - and she must stay with me of her own free will ..." Martina van Boxen is working for the first time at Theater Freiburg. Her productions have been invited to national and international festivals, and in 2018 she received the German theater prize DER FAUST in the category "Directing in Children's and Youth Theater". Info on group bookings, on the performances with interpretation into German Sign Language (DGS) and a play summary in plain language can be found here: We also report on the development of the play on the blog of the Junges Theater:

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