Die Traumausstatter - The Tak and the flying drum

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Children's concert for young and old from the age of 3

Tak goes on a journey with his flying drum ...
He visits places he has never seen before. No matter where he goes, whether it's with the gnomes in the forest or in the vegetable kitchen: music is made everywhere! And the best thing is: even if you don't have an instrument at the moment, you can easily make your own body and voice sound!

Die Traumausstatter show us how to do this. Meanwhile, the audience doesn't have to sit still, but can clap, tap and drum vigorously and take part in making music together in many different ways.

The world is full of rhythms and music. And sometimes it can get pretty loud and wild!

Get in, buckle up and turn on the propellers!

Susanne Lotz (narrator, violin, accordion)
Ingrid Kloos (percussion, steel drum)
Roland Sproll (piano)

More information: http://www.dietraumausstatter.de/

Photo: Ellen Schmauss

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