The future lies within you - INTA meditation

"Meditation gives people the courage to become who they do not yet dare to be. And it not only gives courage, it also gives strength, and it also imparts knowledge and develops the ability to do so." (Werner Sprenger, founder of INTA meditation)INTA meditation is a path that has evolved over thousands of years and enables us to live and develop our inherent abilities. The Sanskrit word INTA means: "Through you to me - through me to you." In meditative silence with myself and in encounters with others, I can reconnect with myself and find my way back to the sources of strength. This weekend is a heartfelt invitation to come to yourself in a safe and secure space and to feel your uniqueness. What unlived life would like to grow within me? How do I feel about what is currently living in me? Can I accept my uniqueness?

Course leader: Barth, Monika. Monika Barth and Veronika Rauch-Klingmann are licensed meditation teachers.more at

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