Dieter Thomas Kuhn & Band (Open-air)

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He does it again. And as always with love! Lots and lots of love!
Dieter Thomas Kuhn, the most famous hairdryer wave in the world of good moods, will be performing open-air with his band this summer. Schlager at its finest. Schlager to celebrate. A glorious dozen concerts are on the program. At impressive venues all over Germany. Whether at the Tollwood. Under the viaduct. At the lido or on Lake Constance. The obligatory Waldbühne? Not missing either, of course! Where, if not here, do concerts become parties. A joyful journey back in time to carefree days. A festival of love.

It pays to be quick again. Tickets for the previous tour sold out quickly. More than 75,000 fans wanted to be part of the Dieter of Hearts.

Kuhn is cult. A pop phenomenon with flared trousers, glittery suit and chest hair toupee. And it was the summer of 1992 when the band played in public for the first time at a small village festival in Italy. The charm of the carefree fun project from back then has remained to this day. "Strangers or friends?" is the traditional answer to Howard Carpendale's existentialist pop question at Kuhn concerts: "Ti amo!". The cover versions of hits such as "Über den Wolken", "Sag mir Quando", "Wunder gibt es immer wieder" and "Eine neue Liebe ist wie ein neues Leben" are performed with love, lust and passion. One thing is obvious: no matter when, no matter how, no matter where - when Dieter Thomas Kuhn is on stage with his "Kapelle", something incredibly magical happens and love floods through everyone who is there. Hossa!

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