Discussion | Loïc Blaise, pilot and explorer

Discussion | Loïc Blaise, pilot and explorer

"Every minute counts" - pilot and explorer Loïc Blaise talks about his flying adventures at the CCFF, appealing to young and old alike!

In 2018, Frenchman Loïc Blaise and Russian cosmonaut Valery Tokarev opened the last remaining air route by completing the first circumnavigation of the Arctic Circle in the prototype of an ultra-light seaplane. The fact that doctors had predicted six years earlier that he would soon no longer be able to fly due to his multiple sclerosis did not deter him. The pilot and explorer managed to cross three continents, three oceans, seven seas, nine countries and over 25,000 kilometers in an incredible aerial adventure, sending a concrete message of hope: fatality only exists if you give up. Since then, he has continued his Arctic adventures with young people from all over the world, in collaboration with indigenous communities and universities.

But the thirst for adventure is not yet satisfied: Loïc Blaise is planning a new odyssey: a round-the-world trip dedicated to youth and resilience, in a 100% clean plane that connects ecosystems and threatened peoples of our planet.

Tuesday, February 29 | 6:00 p.m.
Language: FR
Admission: | Students free
Registration: kultur@ccf-fr.de
In cooperation with: Parc du Petit Prince

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