Django 3000
AliBabo Tour 2024

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Django 3000 - AliBabo Tour 2024

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The Bavarian gypsies of Django 3000 have been rocking the world's big and small stages for twelve years now. Their unmistakable gypsy sound gets everyone from India to South Korea dancing who doesn't suffer from hip dysplasia.
The four Babos, four inscrutable Gschäfltmacher, are on the road again under the motto "fuck nothing, then fuck nothing" and celebrate life. Their concerts take you out of your everyday life and you find yourself around the campfire with the four gypsy Bavarians. Here you can live it up - without boundaries, without shame, just "wuid und laut".

The Djangos made their breakthrough with the song "Heidi" and became known far beyond the country's borders. Now, with "AliBabo", "Heidi" gets her long-awaited, dance-mad partner. "He shakes, makes the floor shake, trembles like a snake, can give a 'high five' with his feet. That's Ali, AliBabo". An unlikely couple with a common motto: "Danz di frei!"

"Back to the roots" describes the new album "AliBabo" wonderfully. The four musical strizzos reflect on their beginnings. With driving Balkan beats, earthy guitar rock'n'roll, laid-back gypsy swing and devilishly melodic violin solos, you can really feel your toenails burning. "I turn off my brains, I go with my guts, I dream of the peace of the blue Spui" goes the song "Mashalla".
And that can be taken seriously. "Aufm Fensterplatz durch d'Höll" is unerringly on the new old course and joins the morbidity of "Da Wuide und da Deife". It smells like Gitanes without filters and sounds like bold Hungarian street musicians at their best, with singer Kamil Müller adding the finishing touches with his whisky-soaked Slovakian-Bavarian grater's voice and firing up his audience on the dance floor.
In the song "I kimm vorbei", the gypsy rockers roar around the world, only allowing themselves and their great love a short breather: "I'm coming over, but I can't stay forever, I have to go, I've got a plan for the two of us". A promising declaration of love.
Although you can never be quite sure with these musical shorthands. After all, the whole world is their home and genetically the boys are not exactly far removed from the young Monaco Franze: chronically adventurous, dancing through life, unsteady, not entirely harmless, but devilishly charming.
Inspired by their first record, the boys go for maximum fidget alarm and make it clear what a party-ready gypsy sound should sound like: Straight to the heart, into the mouth, authentic and with clear words.

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