10 years Live! - "I am myself"

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DODOKAY - 10 years Live! - "I am myself"

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Actually, it all happened by accident: First Dominik "Dodokay" Kuhn taught Swabian on YouTube & Co. First, Dominik "Dodokay" Kuhn taught Darth Vader, Barack Obama, the German Bundestag and many others Swabian on YouTube and the like, and then he landed on stage in 2014 with his own stand-up comedy show. Since then, the Dodokay train has been racing all over Swabia, stopping at as many stations as possible.
Ten years Dodokay live on stage - des isch doch klar, dass die neue Show ,,I bin's selbst" das Jubiläum feiern! Of course there will be brand new synchros on the screen again, but the tour is also an occasion to look back on ten years on stage. In addition to highlights from this time, Dodokay's infamous stand-ups will also provide answers to new burning questions that no one has asked: Why do Swabians usually say the opposite of what they think? What does SV49 actually do? Who does all the voices in the videos? Is it Dodokay himself?
If you know Dodokay's show, you have to see it; if you don't know it, you have to see it even more. In any case, three things are guaranteed with Dodokay: It will be funny, he speaks Swabian and he is himself.

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