Dominik Hartz
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Dominik Hartz - goes on tour

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He is charming. He is sweet. He is shrewd. We're talking about the multi-talented Dominik Hartz from northern Germany! And he's planning big things for 2024. Without further ado, he announces his first album and a subsequent tour. In the fall, he will be playing his way through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. From Hamburg to Basel, from Dresden to Münster. If you miss it, you've missed something!

Born in Lübeck and raised in the North German province, Dominik learned the piano and drums at an early age, played the guitar on his own, wrote poetry and formed one band after another. After leaving school, he went to Australia, where he earned his first "salary" as a street musician in Melbourne, then trained as an actor at the renowned Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts. Dominik Hartz never takes a break.

In May 2023, the first headlining tour was completely sold out. In summer, he shook the German festival stages: Whether Deichbrand, Watt En Schlick, Sound of The Forrest or Reeperbahn Festival. You name it.

This was followed by his "F*ck You" tour for the EP of the same name. It catapulted him onto the nation's playlists and shows how versatile Dominik Hartz actually is as an artist. Sometimes the bass rattles, sometimes you swing away on vacation with his tracks. Hartz's universe is a colorful one and between pop, indie, house and hip hop, the smart storyteller always finds his voice and tells stories of everyday life. Approachable and positively exciting.

He is particularly looking forward to this year. He will be touring with his upcoming album and his fresh live band in the fall. He does what he wants and stays in the flow, and that goes down well. That's a promise!

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