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The "Doppelpass" is finally coming back to fans' homes and will be making stops in over 25 cities across Germany as an interactive stage show in the 2023/24 season.

Thomas Helmer will once again host the stage program with numerous celebrity guests in the third season. Regular guest Mario Basler, 1996 European champion and former Bayern Munich, Werder Bremen and 1. FC Kaiserslautern professional, will be a permanent fixture.

Entertaining journey through soccer history with soccer stars and celebrity guests

"Doppelpass on Tour" takes soccer fans on an entertaining journey through the past decades: with highlights from German soccer, the Bundesliga and many amusing and bizarre anecdotes - including from the history of "Doppelpass", the stage for the protagonists of German soccer since 1995. In the typical "Doppelpass" atmosphere - the famous phrase pig will of course also be part of the show - Thomas Helmer will welcome prominent guests from the world of soccer and show business, also with a regional connection to the venue. During the two-hour interactive stage show, he will chat passionately and lovingly with them about the most beautiful minor matter in the world - and of course also involve the audience in the discussion: from nostalgic stories to the current, hotly debated topics that move the soccer nation with its reported 83 million national coaches.

Thomas Helmer, presenter of "Doppelpass on Tour": "For my team and me, 'Dopa on Tour' is like a big trip to Germany where we meet up with good old friends. It's great fun - also because the viewers are part of the whole thing, can have their say and are interactively involved, for example through a quiz or other activities. We had a lot of sold-out shows on the most recent tour, it's like a Bundesliga match day. Now the anticipation is building - also for the next verbal duels with Mario Basler! We can promise that we won't go easy on ourselves."

The guests for 2023*:

Mörfelden: Thomas Helmer, Mario Basler, Maik Franz, Peter Niemeier, Marco "Toni" SailerVeitshöchheim: Thomas Helmer, Mario Basler, Maik Franz, Jörg Dahlmann, Sebastian NeumannKulmbach: Thomas Helmer, Mario Basler, Jörg Dahlmann, Martin Driller, Christian MatheniaNeunkirchen: Thomas Helmer, Mario Basler, Martin Quast, Elversberg head coach Horst SteffenLandau: Thomas Helmer, Mario Basler, Martin Quasi, Benjamin Auer, Hans Peter BriegelSinsheim: Thomas Helmer, Mario Basler, Martin Quast, Kevin Gerwin, Alexander Rosen

"Doppelpass on Tour", the event series for Germany's No. 1 soccer talk show, has been organized by Sport1 GmbH in cooperation with the event agency S-Promotion Event GmbH since 2021.

*Subject to changes

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