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"ALLES PERFEKT" - Dr. Leon Windscheid goes on tour with a new program

Whether with the podcast "Betreutes Fühlen", his number 1 SPIEGEL bestseller "Besser Fühlen" or as a presenter on ZDF - Dr. Leon Windscheid fascinates people and is the best-known psychologist in Germany. On his last live tour, he thrilled over 100,000 people in sold-out halls in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now he is going on tour with his new program "ALLES PERFEKT".

And at just the right moment, because the world is demanding more and more from us: we have to function at work, in bed and on the yoga mat, look good and smile with confidence. Every child is highly gifted, nobody wants wrinkles, only failures need therapy. Higher. Faster. Further. The demand of our time is perfection. We feel that this is not good for us and yet we still pant in the hamster wheel.

How can we do better? How can we live a life of true satisfaction?

Based on the latest findings from cutting-edge research worldwide, this psychology whiz takes his audience on a breathtaking expedition through their own minds. Sometimes with tears in his eyes from laughter, sometimes very quiet and thoughtful. Leon shows where the exaggerated demands that so many of us feel come from and why the beliefs of our childhood often unconsciously put us under pressure or make it so difficult to do what is really good for us.

Leon serves up two hours of live psychology with a scientific basis. An evening full of thoughts that you will wish you had known beforehand. Those who come will take something away with them: Change in small steps, a new look at ourselves and, above all, the realization that everything is perfect when we accept that everything is never perfect.

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