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The music comedy stand-up show!

Can you seriously do a doctorate in pop music? Yes! And what do you do with it? A music comedy stand-up show.
Dr. Pop is the doctor of music. He treats with music samples and fascinating music facts. In his live program "Hitverdächtig", Dr. Pop deciphers which music can save a party, a relationship and even a life. The audience gets amazingly funny answers to questions such as: Why do termites bite through wood twice as fast when they hear heavy metal? Why do ten people work on a hit song on a laptop nowadays and not one on a guitar?
Dr. Pop fires off samples of familiar and new hits from the history of music - from hip-hop, rock, pop, schlager and classical to jazz. Dr. Pop makes it audible: there is the right hit for every situation in life.
Hitverdächtig - The music comedy stand-up show for everyone who loves music or wants to start.

More information: https://www.dr-pop.de

Photo: Marvin Ruppert

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