ECM Festival 2024 o Nitai Hershkovits

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With Call on the old Wise, Israeli pianist Nitai Hershkovits makes his remarkable solo debut for ECM. In this largely improvised program, the Israeli pianist draws on a broad spectrum of influences ranging from his extensive work in jazz contexts and experimental contemporary explorations to classical music. His sensitive handling of these diverse idioms results in a unique range of timbres, proving that the pianist has long since developed an entirely independent voice as an improviser and shaper. With a gentle touch, light-footed, playful movements across the keys and pensive harmonies, Nitai's improvisations unfold like compositions created in real time. Call on the Old Wise is a testament to Nitai's unique inventiveness and an essential addition to the distinguished series of solo piano recordings on ECM. The album, recorded in Lugano in 2022 and produced by Manfred Eicher, follows Nitai's contributions as part of Oded Tzur's quartet on Here Be Dragons (2020) and Isabela (2022).

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