Photographing a city poetically and creatively

Price: 119.00€

In this course we photograph like the Impressionists: we paint with light, creatively, artistically. We will deal with the most important photographic elements such as: play of colors, shapes, image composition, foreground and background, motion blur, atmosphere. The aim is not to depict motifs realistically, but to create surprising images of Freiburg, e.g. by using various techniques such as long exposure times, movement effects, overexposure, soft focus, transparent materials. The practice takes place outside. The course offers new inspiration and deepens technical knowledge. The results will be discussed together. - Please bring along: Digital camera with options for adjusting exposure, aperture, shutter speed and ISO setting, grey filter, empty memory card and charged batteries (possibly tripod, clip-on flash not absolutely necessary).

Course number: 241211410

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