Entry into training and employment for migrants

Free entry

Experts from numerous institutions will inform and advise migrants on the following questions, among others, at this afternoon event organized by Wegweiser Bildung: - Ways into a job: How and where can I find a job? - Prospects. Opportunities. Future - entering the job market together with the "Job Turbo" - Exploring professions - we can help! - Become a skilled worker! How and where can I find an apprenticeship? - How and where can I improve my German language skills? - How can I have my foreign school or vocational qualification recognized? - Who can help me with questions about my residence status? Also present are: Agentur für Arbeit, Amt für Migration und Integration, Beratungszentrum zur Anerkennung ausländischer Berufsqualifikationen für den Regierungsbezirk Freiburg, Handwerkskammer Freiburg, Industrie- und Handelskammer Südlicher Oberrhein, Jobcenter Freiburg, Kompetenzcenter für Zugewanderte, Migrationsberatung für erwachsene Zuwanderer (Diakonisches Werk), Regionalbüro für berufliche Fortbildung, and Wegweiser Bildung. German level B1 is required for participation. The event is free of charge, the number of participants is limited. Registration by email: veranstaltung@wegweiser-bildung.de or phone 0761/36895-87.

Course number: 241043101

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