Emil Brandqvist Trio - Layers Of Life

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Can you actually call two people with acoustic guitars a rock band?
EZIO prove that they can. In times when songs are dominated by loops, samples and electronic drum kits, EZIO concentrate on the essentials and are incredibly powerful and innovative. Even after 15 albums, EZIO have never stopped evolving musically. "That pleases", say thousands of fans in Germany & England and honored the fountain of youth EZIO with sold-out concert halls on numerous successful tours.

Reasons for this rapid success were, besides EZIO's successful albums, the incredible live performances. These simply illustrate that a rock band does not need drums to captivate the audience. And so the live concept of EZIO has nothing to do with introverted singer/songwriter shows, but rather with two rock'n'roll guitarists who really step on the gas on their acoustic guitars. This powerful and exciting show is complemented by dreamy ballads, stories of desire or unrequited love and becomes a very special, inspiring experience through Ezio Lunedei's voice and Booga's virtuoso guitar skills.

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All information is provided without guarantee.