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Comedy with Italian charm and a lot of heart, but not for the faint of heart! Mariano Vivenzio aka EMMVEE talks full of energy about his life, his experiences and shares his view of the world, which is occasionally clouded by tomato sauce. In his new program "M for Comedy", the fitness fan impresses with sharp powers of observation, lightning-fast improvisation and refreshing self-irony.

EMMVEE is mercilessly honest and at the same time boundlessly funny - the comedy of the charming provocateur wins through ambivalence: with his engaging nature, he can afford not to mince words without anyone being angry with him. Particularly surprising and extremely funny are the improvised situations that arise from spontaneous conversations with his viewers. The Frankfurt native responds quickly to comments from the audience and incorporates them creatively and skilfully into his performance. EMMVEE always manages to shock his audience while also captivating them. His performances have brilliant timing and a lot of momentum, are honest, authentic and multi-layered.

The topics of his stand-ups are broadly spread, universally valid and therefore excellent to follow: Family (with Italian temperament!), party life, music and much more.

The fact that the thirty-something knows his craft very well is proven not only by his rapidly growing following on social media, but also by his success in the 2022 Comedy Clash season. The Comedy Clash is one of the most renowned newcomer stand-up competitions in Germany - both participation and victory are fiercely contested. EMMVEE emerged as the preliminary round winner in Aachen and Cologne and even took the overall victory in Essen and Stuttgart.

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All information is provided without guarantee.