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The Ensemble Tammurriata is dedicated to the performance of early music from Spain and its viceroyalties in Latin America. The repertoire ranges from the 16th century to the development of what is now considered traditional Latin American music.

The ensemble brings together diverse cultures, providing the ideal starting point for an artistic exploration of shared history. The Catalan Alessandra Riudalbas keeps the audience enthralled with her virtuoso passages on the recorder, while the soprano Daniela Zib from the USA transports the audience into touching worlds of sound with her voice. The German baroque cellist David Neuhaus leads the group with his confident groove and offers the Colombian Iván García space for breathtaking solos on his baroque guitar. These compete with the captivating rhythmic acrobatics of David Auli Morales from Venezuela on various percussion instruments.

Tammuriata uses historical instruments from the 16th to 18th centuries as the basis for his search for sound. Using historical sources, the musicians arrange and adapt the music for their own instrumentation. This is done in the spirit of a flexible, changing and yet historically informed performance practice in which the audience is at the center. In this way, we try to soften and reshape the narrow corset of classical concert formats and create concert experiences that appeal to and engage all the senses.

Ensemble Tammurriata has been touring Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria and Spain since 2018. In 2019, the ensemble performed as part of the "Concerto Mobile" at the "Innsbruck Festival of Early Music". In 2022, the ensemble played at the "LUPF-Landäbärg Unplugged Festival" in Switzerland, among others, and in 2023 a concert tour in Spain followed, which was supported by the Fundación Goethe. As part of this tour, the ensemble also played in the "Sagrada Familia", in the "Casa Golferichs" and in the "Conservatori Professional de Música" in Valencia.

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