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Anyone who thinks Heike is an ordinary firefly is very much mistaken. Because Heike is a firefly with a mission: she wants to be able to fly! Even her friend, Robert-Robert the frog, won't let nature tell him what to do. For Heike's sake, he has even started eating a vegetarian diet. The two of them are a great team and would do great things. If only they hadn't ended up in this awkward situation, trapped in a cardboard box, locked up with the quirky fly Honolulu Jacques ... The latest children's play by the award-winning author duo Finn-Ole Heinrich (including FRERK, DU ZWERG) and Dita Zipfel (including WIE DER WAHNSINN MIR DIE WELT ERKLÄRTE and BRUMMPS) is brought to the stage by Gesa Bering, who is familiar to Freiburg audiences from productions such as KARLSSON VOM DACH, DIE VERWANDLUNG and FRANKENSTEIN. Please note: The entrance and box office for the Werkraum are located in the La Culinaria restaurant. There is an elevator that can be reached via Bertoldstraße (access to the right of the ice cream parlor).

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