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A first-person narrator who calls himself "Christian Kracht" embarks on a road trip through Switzerland with his affluent mother, her walker, plenty of painkillers, tranquilizers, and vodka, and a plastic bag full of money that they plan to give away in a big way. Their journey brings mother and son closer together and confronts both of them at the same time with the history of their family in the Third Reich and the young Federal Republic as well as with their common and individual traumas. Christian Kracht's seemingly autobiographical novel EUROTRASH is a sophisticated play with authenticity and identity, truth and fiction, which Peter Carp stages as an equally enjoyable and touching mother-son story. "My real mother was like that, and then again she wasn't like that at all, although of course I would have strongly wished her to be like that. I was guided in part by Graham Greene's fabulous novel THE JOURNEY WITH MY DANCE. So a middle-aged man goes on a trip with his impossible mother and has all sorts of adventures. And yes, certainly the upper middle class and its inherent fear of slipping into the middle class is always quite good for a little farce" (Christian Kracht).

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