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Faber announces his new album. It's called Addio and will be released on 07.06.2024.

The Swiss musician is known for his haunting lyrics and multi-faceted melodies. Born and raised in Zurich, Faber has made a name for himself in the German-speaking music scene and is considered one of the up-and-coming artists of recent years.

Faber's music is characterized by a deep poetic note that turns his songs into real stories. His lyrics are full of emotion, often reflecting on life, love and the human condition. He does not shy away from addressing uncomfortable topics and social issues in his songs. This creates a sincere and blunt authenticity in his music.
His music covers a broad stylistic spectrum. From melancholy, thought-provoking ballads to rousing rock songs and folk influences, Faber masters a variety of genres and refuses to be pigeonholed. His distinctive voice and the accompanying instruments create a unique soundscape that makes his songs unmistakable.

In his live performances, Faber shows an impressive stage presence and knows how to captivate the audience with his passion and energy. The concerts are an experience in themselves, where you can feel the intensity of his music in a very special way.
On August 1, 2024, you can experience the new album Addio in the special atmosphere of our circus tent!

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