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"I'll only be immortal when I'm dead!" - The homage to the greatest genius in German-language pop and rap history revolves around these somber, foreboding words. Consequently, the musical biography begins with the car accident in the Dominican Republic in 1998. The allegorical figures "Jeanny" and "Ana Conda" mark the torn nature of the exceptional musical talent between the arrogant-egomaniac world star and the vulnerable- brooding Hans Hölzel. The two-hour live experience leads through formative stations in the life of the striking musician. With its powerful and eccentric images, the musical biography uses artistic projections and original video sequences to provide a deep insight into the artist's world of thoughts and feelings and the person behind the dazzling pop icon. A person who savored life to its limits and went through many ups and downs - even to the point of self-destruction.

His songs are still red-hot today

All the great hits and also some unjustly forgotten titles of the "Falcon" are brought back live to the stage and are given new life through shrill and extravagant dance interludes. The song selection ranges from the early successes like "Ganz Wien" and "Der Kommis-sar" to the big hits like "Vienna Calling", "Jeanny" and "Out of the Dark" to impressive titles like "Emotional" and the song "Europa", which is red-hot again today. Of course, the world hit "Rock Me Amadeus" is not to be missed - the only German-language song in music history to reach the top of the US Billboard charts and which marked a turning point in the life of the artist.

Former companions provide authentic material for the ultimate Falco show

"I only knew Falco from the radio so far." - For the authentic realization, Falco's former bandleader Thomas Rabitsch as musical director and Falco's former manager and friend Horst Bork as advisor, among others, are at the Musi-cal's side. As expected, the musical homage to the artist Falco called on old fans, experienced music connoisseurs and enthusiasts, who were enthusiastic. "The extent to which Falco is still able to move and excite minds today is quite impressive," emphasizes Alexander Kerbst. Together with Stefan Wessel, he embodies Falco in the show and wrote the script for the musical with Stefanie Kock. "But what impressed me most was how many young people come to the show. Young people who were born after Falco's death and only know him from the radio. The young fans come with self-painted Falco pictures, have old LPs signed and sing along with the lesser-known songs without any problems. For me, it's clear that when an artist reaches the children and grandchildren of his former fans with his music, then he really is immortal," says Kerbst.

The musical shows how controversial the exceptional artist and his music were

"That was Falco, but now we're playing proper music" - the comment of the radio station Ö3 on a Falco song, well-known among connoisseurs, impressively proves how controversial the successful Austro-pop artist was during his lifetime. Horst Bork, Falco's former manager and biographer as well as advisor to the musical, knows and understands the dilemma: "When it comes to the question of whether and how one can do justice to the artist Falco with a musical, one can take the easy way out and simply say: not at all! But that would have been a shame - because Falco deserves this monument!" Producer and organizer Oliver Forster emphasizes: "The many reports and interviews, the numerous feedbacks from spectators and last but not least the constantly high demand for tickets for the musical prove how firmly Falco is still anchored in the heads and hearts of music fans. For us, of course, this is a stroke of luck, because such a musical venture only works with real, timeless legends. With its success so far, this production has established itself sustainably in the German-language musical landscape - and set a worthy monument to Hans Hölzel alias Falco."

Successful concept musical biographies

The Passau producer and promoter COFO Entertainment already showed as a tour organizer of other musical biographies such as "ELVIS - The Musical", "all you need is love! - The Beatles Musical!" and "Simply The Best - The Tina Turner Story", COFO Entertainment has already shown a good feeling for the taste of the audience. In addition to "FALCO - The Musical", COFO Entertainment has filled concert halls in German-speaking countries in recent years with other ei-gen productions about world stars such as Michael Jackson ("BEAT IT!") and Frank Sinatra ("That's Life").

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