Play of colors

Play of colors

Free entry

Sunday opening for families with children on natural colors.
Summer shows itself in all its colorful glory. We want to playfully experiment with this abundance on this day. We will make colorful ink from plant parts, such as flower petals and fruits, which we will try out on paper and fabrics. Color variations are created through the influence of additives such as citric acid. Transient works of art are created that change over time. We try things out and are amazed by some of the results.
The course is suitable for families with children and anyone who likes to go on a journey of discovery.

The meeting point is in the garden of the Oekostation.

Leader: Jutta Schumacher, Mia Motzki and the Oekostation team

The Café Ökostation is open

Funding information: The event is part of the StadtWaldGarten project and is funded by the Kinderland Baden-Württemberg foundation.

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