Fascination watercolor: classic techniques and New Watercolor

Price: 95.00€

Watercolor paints are among the oldest paints of all. Under the name Watercolor, watercolors are used today in brush lettering and for illustrating art journals and sketchbooks. Watercolors are easy to use and incomparable in their brilliance. Both the finest glazes and a strong application of color, the combination with colored pencils, acrylic markers and ink pencils, experimental techniques for structure design - everything is possible, desirable and opens up a painterly repertoire of almost endless possibilities. Watercolor crayons and watercolorable markers will also be used. - Please bring: Pencils and sketch paper; watercolor paints, watercolor brushes about size 6, watercolor block (if available), and some fruits and vegetables as "models." Watercolor paints can also be borrowed on site.

Course Number: 231207432

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All information is provided without guarantee.